RGHC has been offering Bhangra Classes for both kids and grownups in Tagore Nagar Ludhiana since its starting. Bhangra is the most popular dance of Punjab. It indicates the festival of Baisakhi when tall piles of golden wheat fill the hearts of the farmers with joy. The dance includes the catchy sound of large drums called Dhols. There are a variety of Punjabi songs and lyrics for Bhangra.The Bhangra experts of RGHC are providing professional training of Bhangra Dance for physical exercising. Joining Bhangra Classes is always good for being social and physically fit.


Masala Bhangra is becoming popular worldwide. It is globally accepted nowadays. It provides stunning health benefits to you. An instructor will give you insights into the exciting workout. You will remember the first time and get easier as you go once you learned the basic moves and steps. It is always enjoyable.


Join Bhangra Classes of RGHC for your fitness. Bhangra is fast emerging as the best fitness workout across the world. You will see energy, fun, and passion in the groups. Bhangra workouts are useful for weight loss and fitness. It is a low-pressure exercise which performed following your instructor. The music will be great and energy will also high in the group dancing.