Cardio Exercises are physical workouts that raise heart rate. These practices may be performed in a gym or at homes. Cardio exercises may include Running, Jumping Rope, Cycling, Swimming, Rowing, Dancing, Jumping jacks, Sports, Kickboxing, Stair Climbing, Weight Training, Push-up, and Step-up. At RGHC you will get treadmills, Stair Mill, Rowing Machines, Spin Bikes, Skierg, Elliptical machines, and Arc Trainer to do cardio. Bhangra, Aerobics, and Zumba classes are also available here for you.


The benefit of Cardio Exercises:

• It strengthens heart muscles.

• It improves mood, sleep, and self-esteem.

• It lowers down cholesterol.

• It supports weight control.

• It reduces stress.

• It lowers down blood pressure.