This is also being known as acupuncture therapy for human body which is being stimulated to the points on our hands by following instruments: E-beam, KHT silver ring, seam moxa, magnets etc. and thus our physiological function of entire body is settled onto a disease free environment.

Korean therapy is a scientific medical system that is really simple to learn, get it, and also easy to perform without any side effects or danger to the patient. Korean hand therapy is very useful in combating a wide range of ailments like infertility, rheumatic arthritis, allergy and stroke and also last but not the least diabetes also other dreadful diseases. Diseases which require surgery and are infectious ones strictly can’t be cured by acupuncture therapy. It also helps in reweaving nausea, and even chemotherapy requires doing in cancer patients and all other also.

The science of acupuncture, moxibustion, and herbal medicine are important composition of traditional oriental medicine that developed many years back. The most important and vital part of acupuncture therapy is that, it had been developed a relation between the whole body and hand variously in men and women, special therapy treatment is given for various chronic diseases t our no.1 health care centre naming RGHC in Ludhiana Punjab, where you can attain each and every disease procurement at affordable prices, so that to properly treat your ailment by our expert and qualified trainers at the gym centre.


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