RGHC provides Korean Therapy Services in Ludhiana, Punjab for healing your body. It is an infrared heated massage for you. The therapy helps to reduce stress and relieves muscle pain. The internal jade rollers of a Korean Therapy Bed move up and down along your back for the full body back massage. It is also useful for being slim and decreasing fat in your body. The FDA has approved the Caragem massages for providing immediate relief for muscles and joint pain.Korean Hand Therapy is useful to provide you relief from body pains and other health issues.


Benefits of Korean Therapy:

• It improves the basic metabolic rate for burning more excess fats.

• It enhances blood circulation and lymphatic drainage system.

• It boosts the immune system.

• It relieves stress and pain.

• It removes toxic metabolic waste from your body.

• It decreases pain on neck, shoulders, and back also waist.

• It supports the treatment of hypertension, insomnia, and arthritis.