Strength section for ladies:

Girls and ladies may take advantage of the RGHC coaches to strengthen their muscles. They have different exercises for Abs, Quadriceps, and Shoulders also Back, Legs, and Arms. Power Yoga, Aerobics, and other Cardio workouts are also available here for them. The dieticians at the gym suggest the ladies suitable diet plans according to their physical requirements. Ladies athletes can take benefits of the personal trainers for being fit as well as improving their stamina.


Let the coaches at RGHC know, what muscles of your body, you want to strengthen. They will train you personally and guide how to do the physical exercises that make your muscles more powerful. You may choose the workouts for Abs & Core, Arms, and Chest also Shoulders, Back, and Legs. The Strength Section of RGHC Gym has advanced weight lifting machines and accessories ready for you.