Are you seeking a weight loss center near me? The RGHC is a favorite Weight Loss Centre in Ludhiana, Punjab for you to cut your weight. If you are experiencing overweight then, the weight loss classes of the weight loss center in Tagore Nagar is the best facility for your slimness. You can get the best results in 2-3 months provided you attend its training programs regularly. The weight loss center for kids also helps obese children to improve their health by burning their fat and controlling their diet. The gym trainers guide obese persons how to do exercises properly without injuries to their muscles and getting desired results soon.


RGHC is a famous weight loss center in Civil Lines Ludhiana for providing you with stunning results regarding your fat loss. Join its fat loss plans and be slim in a few weeks. Set your goals about, how much weight you want to lose before starting it if you like to see your abs. At RGHC, we provide weight loss classes to do exercises and suggest a diet plan for you to achieve your goals. Fat loss is beneficial for looking slim and beautiful.


Inch loss is losing in inches around fat storage areas with or without weight loss. Our Inch Loss Therapy helps you burn your fat accumulated at your abdomen, hips, and thighs. Our weight loss center’s exercises and diet plans help manage your weight. The exercise targets the areas with excess fat to increase metabolism there and low lose few inches over your body. Our Inch Loss plans help you being smart, slim, and attractive.