Welcome to our Yoga Classes. Yoga is a collective name given to various physical, mental, and spiritual practices through different asanas. It offers you numerous benefits including flexibility to your body, less stress to your mind, low blood pressure to your heart and so on.

The RGHC is offering all kinds of Yoga exercises through different Yoga classes to men, women, and kids in Civil Lines & Tagore Nagar in Ludhiana, Punjab continuously since its inception during 2002. One of the most famous Yoga centres in Civil Lines & Tagore Nagar, the RGHC, commences yoga classes for children, ladies, and gents to do their Yoga exercises at affordable rates. The Gym also offers Yoga classes at home in the city for those who have no time to visit it.  If you are a pregnant lady then, you may take benefits of its Yoga in pregnancy Ludhiana service to keep you fit and stress-free while staying at your home. RGHC also offers Yoga classes at home in the district & city at reasonable rates.


The RGHC also offers Power Yoga classes for gents & ladies in Tagore Nagar, Ludhiana. Power Yoga is useful for weight-loss, flexibility, and strength. Power Yoga is more interesting than traditional Yoga. It includes numerous poses that are made with more intensity to strengthen your entire body, mind, and willpower. It helps you for lowering cholesterol levels and blood pressure through increasing your cardiovascular circulation and de-clogging blocked arteries. It enhances your body stamina and relieves your mind of tension and toxins through sweating. If you are experiencing slip disc, hernia, backache or any spinal injury then, you should avoid it.


The actual means of Yoga is union with the divine in Sanskrit. Meditation is a practice to focus one mind on an object or activity to achieve awareness and emotional calmness. The RGHC is one of the best meditation centers in Tagore Nagar Ludhiana for you. Meditation is beneficial for reducing anxiety, depression, and pain. It increases peace of mind, perception, and well-being. If you are interested in meditation and live in Ludhiana then, you must take advantage of RGHC’s Yoga meditation classes in Tagore Nagar to learn it practically. Meditation will help you get in touch with your true self. It truly balances your mind, body, and spirit.


Pranayam is an Indian practice associated with controlling your breath. It is useful for treating asthma and depression. Those who follow yoga may have heard about it. It keeps you uplifted, motivated, and happier. It brings your body, mind, and soul in sync. If you live in Ludhiana then, you may avail the Pranayam Classes of RGHC in Tagore Nagar & Civil lines area of the city. Kapalbhati is one of the best types of it, where a person inhales long breaths and exhales short bursts. The breathing retention helps strengthen your lung capacity. You can extend your breath in many different ways. Early morning is the best time to practice pranayama.